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The LPNHE LHCb team was created in 2003, and is currently composed of 8 permanent academic staff (including CNRS researchers and lecturers at Pierre and Marie Curie University), 1 research engineer, 3 postdoctoral researchers, and 4 PhD students. The group works in several areas of scientific research, from LHCb detector development to CP-violation studies and indirect searches for physics beyond the Standard Model in b-hadron decays. All of this work is guided by a common underlying goal: to uncover and understand new physics that resolves puzzles such as the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking, the nature of neutrinos and the origin of their mass, the dominance of our universe by matter, and the nature of dark matter.

In addition to their work on LHCb, members of the LPNHE LHCb group contribute to local scientific activities in Paris, and hold various positions of responsibility in scientific and academic communities at the national and international level.

Research topics

K*mumu B-mesons rare decays and search of Lepton Flavor Violation

Charmless B-hadrons decays

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Supporting Grants

ERC grant : RECEPT project ANR grant : ReViSaL project


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